Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another MFT design challenge

Sigh. I was going to fix the bottom of this card (balance is off... needs a larger green scallop border) but I forgot and today is the due day so c'est la vie. Pretend this has been made with a larger green scallop bottom piece :)

Die cut is an apple die-namics from MFT, as is the sentiment stamp and the wild cherry ink used to stamp it. The rest is from my scrap bin, and a May Arts ribbon. Have a great day!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Organization impetus and color challenge

Happy Sunday! Grades are in, lesson plans are done, copies are made and Guided Reading stations are a go. In my world that means play time! In honor of National Readathon Day, I spent some quality time with a couple of books yesterday, and though I'd love to go for a ride, Odessa is decidedly NOT cyclist friendly! So, I've jumped on the new year organizing band wagon and am making play time a little easier to accomplish.

In the past I stored crafty things by type and manufacturer. When you are making things for books or magazines or design team assignments EVERYTHING has to be labeled with the products used. I get that, but I don't do that any more so I don't need to label and name and color code everything. Ok, well, I do need to color code because I am still me, but I buy into Einstein's concept that everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. All that to say I've gotten rid of a ton of stuff and kept my crafting much more simple. I'm not a bling person, so I no longer have a lot of shiny, frilly stuff that I don't use. I still like punches and my Cricut and QuicKutz dies. I have them and I use them.

More later on my storage system.... I bought some clearance kitchen cabinets (the upper units, because they are the right height) and some laminated plywood to make a desk (I'd been using a folding table and I hated it). It still needs to be spray painted (because I am lazy and don't wanna do the tray and roller thing) and I need to put knobs on the doors, but that has to wait until Spring Break. So, current focus: this business.


All those wonderful QuicKutz shapes live in that Artbin. Convenient, easy and able to take it when I go to crop weekends (OK, when I used to go to crop weekends). But, not all the holders are labeled and that makes digging through the bin for the right shape a challenge. That black oak bookcase holds my dies, Cricut cartridges and die cut machines. Why did I paint it black?(!) because I got it at a yard sale for $5. Someone had overwatered their plants and left a nasty stain on the bottom and top shelves. A finish sander and some black spray paint (again with the lazy thing) and there is no sign of water damage. Plus, it is sturdy. So, project cut-the-shape-and-put-it-on-the-holder is under way. (Quilt dust cover, on the Cricut, is from my momma. She's a good job.)

In the meantime, I made this for the MFT color challenge. I bought the sampler pack, but the newest cardstock colors were not in it, so I went with "close enough". Colors are: Sour Apple (also known as light green), Grape Jelly (aka purple), Nightshift Blue (navy) and Chocolate Brown (dark brown). I used Blueberry ink for the sentiment because I liked it. All CS is by MFT, as are the rolled roses (from a die-namics) and the greeting. Purple polka dot paper (glad I don't have to say that fast five times!) is from Michaels or Hobby Lobby, the purple and white twine is Doodlebug, chalk is chalk (for reals) and the distress ink is Tim Holtz something-or-other. I made up the basket and the leaves are an eons old leaf punch. McGill. Maybe.  OH! And the they're-so-old-they're-practically-retro photo corners are a QuicKutz die. And the reason for the needs-to-be-finished project shown above.
Thank you for stopping by and happy creating!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Long week...

Good morning! It has been a rough week for the Dahmen's so crafting time was not as plentiful as I'd hoped for. I did get the card done for the My Favorite Things (MFT) Challenge. It's not my favorite, but I'm hopeful it will make its recipient smile.

Details: MFT chevron die, MFT numbers die, MFT cardstock from the sampler pack, MFT worud stamp (you are), Doodblebug black and white twin, Recollections brads, 3M mounting foam.

Thank you for looking and have a blessed week!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

And a second one I made for the MFT challenge. This one was based on color. Brights: orange, yellow, lime and turquoise. The stamp set, also from My Favorite Things, came in yesterdays mail. Made me smile, but it also made me realize just how much of my crafting stuff is still in Washington!

Details: Pattern paper by My Minds Eye, stamps by My Favorite Things, punches (border, flowwer and leaves) by Stampin Up (I think....), brad by Recollections (that's a fancy way of saying Michael's), water color pencils by Derwent, bows are DMC floss.

Thank you for stopping by!

Wow. A year and a half. And sadly, it has been that long since I created something that is NOT for school. New year, new commitment to create. Just because I can. Here is a fun one I made based on a quote posted by amazing author Amy Clipston.

Friday, August 2, 2013

A little bit of repurposing and refashioning

Some of the shorts-from-pants I made for Meeko for Water Shed. Easy and fun. Best of all, she loves them.

For my classroom! This make-over totally makes me smile. The two outside bookcases were found at Goodwill Outlet for $9 each. A little elbow grease, a nail or two and some leftover spray paint and they are almost as good as new. The middle unit was found at a yard sale for $3. It was dirty and a bit dinged up, but nothing that a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and spray couldn't fix. The lamp base was found (with its twin) at Goodwill during the half-off color, so it was $3.30 and the globe as from a yard sale for $1. I spry painted the base of the lamp, cut the globe in half and added seam binding to the bottom, then glued a lamp shade rim to the inside of the globe. The book was .50 (yard sale) and I had the mouse, the book stand and the fabric for the shelf topper. Grand total? $26.50. Really hope it holds the 20 boxes of books I have for the classroom library.

I hung up my to-be-refashioned finds on a sturdy clothes rack because it is so much easier to see everything at once and not have to dig through bins. Note to self: No more Goodwill Outlet until I've refashioned a good chunk of those items! (Not just for me... I have things on there for Sissy, Bug, Meeko and Buny)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Creating something new...

Out of something old. My newest passion. I've not given up scrapbooking or envelope albums or creating with photos. But a bicycle accident followed by a running fall last year has seriously impacted my ability to spend much time playing with paper. Yes, exercise is clearly dangerous. No, I'm not giving up bicycling (though it wouldn't take much effort to convince me to stop running!), but I'm enjoying other creative endeavors as well. Hence, my latest obsession.

Inspired by these two lovely, talented and wonderful ladies, http://chicenvelopements.wordpress.com/ (Beth)
http://marysthriftychic.com/ (Mary) I am now using my sewing machine for something other than paper.

I've been a Goodwill/Thrift Store shopper for over five years, but have just been careful about selecting things in the right sizes and in good shape. Now, not so much. I can re-pair, re-make and re-purpose!

Best of all (well, Brian might disagree, but we aren't asking him!) there is a Goodwill outlet within riding distance and at $.89 a pound I am willing to take a whole lot of risk!

So, I have stocked up on projects (seriously, and if the insert-photo button wasn't giving me fits right now I'd prove it!) and am ready to re-purpose. My first project was a rescue. A seriously filthy, torn and dejected stuffed Snoopy was found in the bins at the Outlet and I had to try and save him. He called to me! One hot-with-bleach bath, a new collar and some minor surgery later, Snoopy is looking great!

Next up is some alteration work for Meeko. She and Flit are back from their cross-country bicycling adventure (read about it here  http://www.missionusa2013.blogspot.com/ ) and are heading to the Gorge with sixty gobzillion friends for Watershed. Of course, that requires some new/old clothing. Stay tuned!

I'll be danged... it worked! Sissy and I with SOME of our amazing outlet finds. (I'm non-discriminatory, I'm happy to re-purpose more than just clothing!)

And here is my rescued Snoopy
OK. For real this time. A little re-fashioning, a little bike ride and a lot of work. Stay tuned!